Wedding Speeches – Add Some Humor

If you add a touch of humor in every wedding speech, then it will make the atmosphere livelier. Knowing what you are saying in your wedding speech will make you take the crown. You should also know what to do and must give a humorous speech for the listeners to be interested.Having a wedding speech that has a little humor will sometimes make you look like a slight ‘goof’ in the eyes of several people in a small group. But always remember that in this manner, you can get the attention of the entire room and it can make you feel confident and comfortable. A good and strong start of your speech will make you feel more confident. In addition, it is always better to end your speech with a happy and smiling face than having tears in your eyes, although they are tears of joy.To have a humorous speech is not that easy especially when your listeners are more emotional. So here are some great tips which can help you have some good humor in your wedding speech and it maybe make you a hero of the occasion.Identify your audienceThe most important thing that you must do first is to identify what kind of audience you have before you give any joke in your speech. A joke might be funny to people with the same age of yours but it might overlooked by kids that are on the occasion and elder guests might also be offended. So, it is better to select jokes and punch lines that are good to your audiences of all ages. In this kind of place where you are addressing people, don’t say anything that may offend or insult someone in the reception. It is always better to keep the humor clean and situation appropriate.Never have ‘inside’ jokesYour joke with your friend might not be funny to other people even though you both thought it was funny. Inside jokes are not good for it might be very lame for other people. Never give such a joke that other people can’t relate with it. In this case, people would think that you are weird.Remember a happy or funny momentIt is good to remember a happy or funny moment. But always remember that the audience would understand what you are going to tell about your happy experiences. Don’t be too personalized so that your listeners cannot easily understand it. As always, don’t give a joke that you and your friend are the only people in the room that can relate with it. Speak to the crowd and give a good speech that everyone can follow.Give some wedding or love quotationsHaving good quotations or sayings in your speech is a great way to make it humorous. You can start or end your wedding speech with some quotations. But also, you must select good quotations that may somehow inspire your audience. Just always remember that when you give quotations in a speech, always acknowledge the person who wrote this kind of quotation.These are just some tips that will help you make a good and humorous wedding speech. Just remember that when you deliver your wedding speech, be happy and confident because a wedding is a happy occasion.

Humorous Christmas Cards For A Festive Holiday Season

There are a number of types of holiday cards that you can find on the internet. There are many that have sacred pictures on the front, featuring the manger or a church or other religious symbols. There are some that are brightly colored red and green and feature Santa, or reindeer or snowmen for the cover design. And there are some which are just plain funny when you read them and these humorous Christmas cards are some of the most popular.The humor comes in a wide range of tastefulness, and that is OK because there are a lot of people in the world with all kinds of different opinions on what is appropriate for a given situation and what is not. You just need to be sure that the card you are picking out is right for the person you are going to send it to.Sometimes the cards in the humorous section of the Christmas websites are subdivided by kind of humor. There are cards which would be termed whimsical in nature and often have animals like dogs and cats or rabbits delivering a cute but humorous Christmas greeting.Some of the most popular kinds have Santa on the front and he is in various situations which come from the artists’ imaginations. Sometimes you see Santa in the living room trying to explain to the wide awake children what he is doing there. Sometimes Santa is on the beach, kicking back after finishing his rounds around the globe. Sometimes Santa is in a bar having a couple of beers after getting finished with delivering his toys before he goes back home to Mrs. Claus.There are cards with gently humorous sentiments (the words inside the card) and some where the situations and the words are downright raunchy. Not everybody appreciates the kind of card where the sentiments are x-rated but that kind of cards does exist. And is in fact, a pretty popular kind of Christmas item. But they are probably not the kind of Xmas card to send to your retired aunt and uncles living in a retirement village in Florida.But the best thing is that you can have a choice. There are plenty of Christmas cards that can fill almost anyone’s idea of what is appropriately funny in a given circumstance. And as long as you don’t mind looking around the internet a little bit, you can find some pretty good deals on humorous Christmas cards, no matter what kind sense of humor you have.